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Steenbok Lodge offers everything that any tourist, business or private traveler would need, including; a brilliant opportunity to embrace the true African culture in a cultural setting, an opportunity to explore the beautiful country side and take a tour around the Panorama and other various tourism attractions in Mpumalanga.

Steenbok also offers exclusive meals that will make you come back for more. Our lodge is designed to offer the weary traveler a place to rest and find comfort. At Steenbok, romance is always in the air due to the romantic African setting that we are located in.

Ours is a determination for our visitors to enjoy the Cultural Heartland of South Africa and embrace the warm spirit that keeps our beautiful people united.

In Mpumalanga, community tourism is on the rise, allowing visitors to enjoy authentic South African rural life and Steenbok lodge is at the fore front of it.

Come Enjoy Mpumalanga Steenbook!

Dress code: It is recommended that you have light clothing during the day and warm clothes in the evenings as the days are usually hot and the evenings a bit chilly.

Drinking water: all drinking water in the establishment is safe to drink. Bottled water can however be purchased in the nearby general store.

Health: please note that Malaria is endemic to the Mpumalanga region of South Africa, including Steenbok. All guest are encouraged to take anti-Malaria precautions.

Things to do: please note that the following activities can be done in Mpumalanga

Mpumalanga is South Africa's top tourist destinations. Few regions in the world can match the extraordinary beauty of the Lowveld and escarpment.

The Mpumalanga Tourism Authority has created seven regions with specially marked routes that invite the visitor to the spectacular Mpumalanga province on an unforgettable journey of the seven regions of Mpumalanga and the "must-see" attractions.

Some of the #1 Attractions in Mpumalanga include:

Kruger National Park
Kruger National Park Tours
Samora Machel Memorail
Sabi Sands Game Reserve

  • Steenbok village tour - R100
  • Full day game drives in Kruger National Park - R995.00 per person. Minimum of 4 people
  • Sunset/sunrise drives in Kruger National Park- R600 per person. Minimum of 4 people
  • Morning walks in Kruger National Park (children under 12 not allowed) - R7750 per person. Minimum of 2 people
  • Swaziland full day tour - R4000 for 4 people. Additional people at R750.00. Price excludes meals
  • Panorama tour - R4000 for 4 people. Additional people at R750.00. Price excludes meals
  • Mozambique day tour - R5000 for 4 people. Additional people at R750.00. Price excludes meals and border visas
  • One hour elephant walk - R800 per person
  • One hour elephant back safari - R900 per person Two hour elephant back safaris - R1500 per person

Don't forget to take comfortable clothing and shoes, a hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, raincoat, flashlight, binoculars and a camera

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